Our therapeutic paradox: It was clearly only you that felt the spark in the sweaty paradise of Dicey's

Another long hard day; lacking in naps, discounts and opportunities to open a new jar of Nutella. Your college crush has just referred to you as 'buddy'; it was clearly only you that felt the spark in the sweaty paradise of Dicey's. You've run out of cookie crisp to drown your sorrows; those god-sent chocolate biscuits that don't count as biscuits because of their sneaky disguise as cereal. Could the day get any worse? Oh, definitely. Unfortunately, that doesn't make your Tuesday evening glow with positivity. So, you do what you always do; cram those earphones so far into your head that it sounds like a jet engine and blare the saddest tunes you've got. You've even made a playlist for times like these; naming it *sad emoji*.Why does staring dramatically out the window of the 145 with Bon Iver's 'I Can't Make You Love Me (Live Version)' narrating your journey serve as a therapeutic choice? Why does mentally writing, directing and playing the lead role in a modern, musical tragedy help the daily dumps? Surely listening to 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' would lift the spirits and inspire you to choreograph and perform the next viral masterpiece right there on the 145, yes?No. Of course we could try to ameliorate our mood; whip out some '#PositiveQuotes' on Instagram; but sometimes there's nothing we love more than revelling in our own sob stories. Adding Post Malone screaming, 'Ooh I fall apart' to your misery suddenly crafts a cinematic sensation worthy of the big screen. It’s the complete opposite direction to the sensible decision of actually recognising your emotions, dealing with them and getting back to ‘Shut Up And Dance’; but does that really make it a bad one? I’m not saying drowning your sadness in minor chords is the best path; but it’s not the worst either. I truly believe it’s an elaborate form of self-care. Sometimes wallowing in self-pity gives you a bit of much needed me-time. When no friend is there to pat your back and sympathise with your dramatic downfall, you can always count on some guy moaning sadly with his acoustic guitar to do just that. You’re not alone in your pain, and look, you’ve even got a soundtrack to prove it. Sure, it might be a bit depressing and make your mother want to sit you down for a ‘chat’, and result in your friends kicking you off the decks at pre-drinks - but that’s alright. Your mind probably doesn’t need the newest Martin Garrix drop after your relationship has fallen to pieces and your bank account might as well self-implode. You choose the music to suit the situation. No-one’s blaring ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ as the rivers flow from their eyes, and maybe nose, at 2am. You pick the saddest, tear-inducing tune you’ve ever heard; and you let yourself feel those feels.You don’t need to ‘cheer up’ every time you’ve had a bad day. You’re under no obligation to break dance to the next hit wonder if you don’t feel like it. Plug in those earphones and get those Spotify playlists going. Maybe just for today, or a week, or a year, but we all need a bit of moan-y, echoey acoustic vibes to wallow in sometimes. If anyone tells you any different, don’t worry, Adele has got your back and may even join you for a bit of a sob.