Our Editors' Top Picks Ever - Introduction

OTwo Co-Editor Isabella Ambrosio previews this issue's Games Section.

It’s no surprise that increasingly, a student’s summers are a haze of naps, nights out or binge watching as they attempt to make peace with the end of yet another academic year. The urge to detach from a reality you might’nt be able to cope with prompts the return to your roots, to what you know and love. Starting off this Games section, OTwo Co-Editor Isabella Ambrosio recounts her love-hate relationship with The Sims 4 and the seemingly never-ending cycle of playing this addictive game. The game, that has since become a staple, appears to have equally captivated Arts and Creativity Editor Emily Sheehy, as she gushes over The Sims 2 and the possible existence of a version of the game that doesn’t require €500 worth of expansion packs. Finally, Art and Design Editor Ciara Darling offers her own spin to this game of nostalgia as she recounts the debatable cuteness of Plants vs. Zombies.