Flashback in Film and TV: When the past meets the present

Brigid Molloy give us a newsflash onmovie flashbacks.

The formalities of The Favourite (2018)

Emma O'Regan Reidy delves into the formalities of the Oscar-winning period drama, The Favourite.

Fifty Shades of feeble: Fanfiction on the big screen.

With the upcoming film After, based on a Harry Styles fan fiction from Wattpad, Fiachra Johnston questions whether it deserves to see the big screen.

Audience psychology and cinema

Paurush Kumar analyses what aspects of cinema lures in movie-goers.

Love on the small screen: Television’s best couples

Jess Viola picks her top three television couples that pulled on our heart strings through many seasons.

Hugh Carr: Aisteoir, fuirseoir, gaeilgeoir

Emma Kiely interviews Dramsoc's Trainspotting star and UCD resident funny boy, Hugh Carr

Nell Hensey is changing the reel for girls on film

A student society auditor who also had time to direct a topical short film about sexual assault? Sit down, reader; you can...

The internet, anxiety and Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade

“Being yourself” is the first topic in a string of motivational videos made by Kayla (Elsie Fisher), the main character of Bo...

Captain Marvel is the Marvel movie we have all been waiting for

Two things need to be said to preface this review. The first is that I am a massive comic book nerd, with...

Is female recasting feminist or lazy?

After The Favourite’s recent surprise loss at the Oscars - bar Olivia Coleman’s tear-jerking victory - the issue of female roles in...

Sex Education is a good show. It just has nothing to say

Contains spoilers for Season 1 of Sex Education. From the moment you start watching Sex Education, the hype...

The Film Scene Round 3: The talent is only getting better

Workmans yet again saw one of their rooms overcrowded by student filmmakers and movie lovers for the third monthly meeting of The...

DC Entertainment VS MARVEL Studios- Who wins this battle?

Cormac Lehnen discusses why Marvel seems to keep topping Marvel in the superhero cinema game.

The ones that make us proud: Irish storytelling on the big and small screens

Emma Kiely looks back on the Irish stories and storytellers that have made us proud in film and on the TV.

The bending of racism in cinema

Jack Knowles notes the different ways racism has been discussed in cinema.

The filmmaker behind This is Not Consent: Gemma Bovenizer

Emma Kiely interviews UCD filmmaker behind the short film This is Not Consent, Gemma Bovenizer.

Glass review: the film of Shyamalan’s career

Emma Kiely reviews the surprise follow-up to Unbreakable and Split. M. Night Shyamalan’s latest picture Glass, is the...

Award Season snubs – Justified or petty?

Following the 76th Golden Globes a few weeks ago, Twitter exploded with outrage as, contrary to everyone’s expectation, A Star is Born...