OTwo Reviews: ‘Open Your Eyes’ by MOIO

Image Credit: Louis O’ Sullivan

Holly Alder delves into Dublin’s multitalented artist and producer MOIO’s release of his single and music video for ‘Open Your Eyes’.

After the initial release of his upbeat and captivating debut single ‘SUNBEAMING’ in January of this year, artist and producer MOIO slowed it down with his second single release, the melodious ‘Open Your Eyes’, which is accompanied by an equally stunning music video. MOIO is a fast rising producer and artist that has displayed his unique sound in just these two song releases, leaving room for anticipation for more. While he began releasing his own music in 2022, followed by the release of his two singles this year, MOIO has also long been a part of Dublin’s Chamomile Club and Records and has been credited as a producer on tracks by artists such as Monjola and Aby Coulibaly. After the release of ‘Open Your Eyes’, it has become clear that MOIO is a multifaceted artist. Between the sweet yet haunting vocals and the slow melodic beats, this track is the sound of a summer’s day, and the stunning video directed by Robert Bass and co-directed by MOIO himself captures the essence of this sound perfectly. 

The floaty atmosphere of the video, which features lots of greenery and images of Irish nature, perfectly matches this soulful love song. The music video is bathed in sunlight and is set on what seems to be an idyllic summer's day. The chorus is accompanied by an infectious guitar tune and MOIO’s rich vocals, and while the song sits at just under 3 minutes, the melody is impactful and memorable from the first twenty seconds. Currently, MOIO has racked up just over 11 thousand listeners a month on Spotify with just two singles, making him one to watch within the Irish and UK music scene. His creative direction, production and musicality displayed on ‘Open Your Eyes’ is only the tip of the iceberg for MOIO, which makes it all the more exciting to see what he has in store for the future.

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