OTwo Reviews: Nectar

Image Credit: Nurina Iman Nizam

Album: NectarArtist: Joji

I don’t think it can be understated just how sharply Joji has risen over the years. Honestly, go listen to anything from his days of writing edgy, dark-humoured songs under the guise of Pink Guy, and compare that to something like Slow Dancing in the Dark. It is almost baffling that they’re both written by the same person, and it highlights the distinct growth of Joji’s sound over the years.

This growth is definitely apparent in his latest release, Nectar. The 18-track album shows an artist, having firmly come into his own, hit it out of the park again with another stellar release of slower, more heart-felt tracks. Anticipation was high for the album, with the lead single ‘Gimme Love’ amassing nearly 40 million views since its release, and I personally feel such excitement was justified. Each song plays its part in fleshing out his sound, with some tracks adding a particular flavour to a now-established feel. Listening to Nectar’s title track ‘Ew’ had me sold on the album’s step forward within the opening minute. Nectar also features cameos from big names such as Diplo and Lil Yachty, who more than justify their respective appearances.

It would be easy, and honestly tempting, to go track-by-track and explain why this album is just as good as it is, but I’d sooner recommend you listen for yourself. Nectar is a solid release, breathing life into Joji’s familiar sound while consistently providing what fans have come to love from him.