OTwo Reviews: Bless Up in Tallaght

Image Credit: Victoria Shoes on Unsplash

Tessa Ndjonkou reviews Ireland’s quickest flight to West Africa - Bless Up Tallaght.

Bless Up is a gem that is hidden in plain sight. As I scrolled through TikTok aimlessly, I came across a review of a new African restaurant that had opened in Tallaght and I knew I had to try it. I bounded out of bed and scribbled the name on a post-it to try it. As I stepped through the doors of Bless Up and the smell of fried plantains, tomato sauce and home surrounded me, I realized that the nearly two hour trek had been more than worth it. The elegant decor immediately reminded me of the interminable family receptions I didn’t know I’d come to yearn for. While Bless Up does not pretend to be a comprehensive and all-encompassing demonstration of African cuisine, it does do a good job at hitting the mark on staple meals like their deliciously seasoned fried rice accompanied by fried plantains and marinated grilled chicken and beef. Top it off with a Puff-puff desert and if you listen closely you can hear the waves crashing on the shores of the Abidjan port. 

The modern African and Caribbean restaurant promises “taste, tradition and togetherness” – and boy, do they deliver. Do not venture into Bless Up if you’re hoping for a light meal. Instead, come to Bless Up to fill your heart and your stomach and let their Jollof rice become your Proust Madeleine.