OTwo Interviews: Dublin’s CABL

Image Credit: Matt Gorman

Music Editor Holly Alder sits down with Dublin-based band CABL to discuss the release of their new EP, See You In A Year And A Half.

Dublin-based CABL consists of vocalist and bassist Ava Durran, guitarists Luke White and Ben Mooney and drummer Eoghan Lynch, and they are bringing a shoegaze-y and dreamy pop haven to Ireland’s music scene and to whatever venue they get their hands on. Vocalist Ava Durran and guitarist Luke White kindly sat down with me to chat about how the tracks on the four-song EP came to be, their biggest show to date with Irish band The Scratch, and what the future holds for the four-piece. 

Tell me some more about the new EP – what was the inspiration behind the tracks? While being noise-heavy, there is a narrative within the lyrics that can't be ignored.

Ava Durran - So, the EP is a collection of songs we thought suited well together sonically. With an oldie like “B.1.” alongside even our newest track “Movies,” they all seemed to somehow connect. I always say what I love the most about songwriting is that I can write it feeling one way, come back to it a year (and a half – excusing the pun) later and relate to it differently. I also believe that the best art forms are what’s left open for interpretation. I find I connect better to things that way so my meaning might not be the same as yours. I suppose though, at the surface, themes like frustration, and confusion in relationships definitely leave stains throughout the EP. 

Luke White - Yeah, we tried to reflect the lyrical themes in the music a lot. For example in “Shoelaces,” in the third verse with the double-tracked drums and swirling feedback. It's kind of supposed to be disorientating for the listener and represent the unreliable narrator being revealed.

How did the EP come to be? What was the creative process behind the tracks? Including the opening instrumental track 'After Dark' on the EP.

Durran - We ultimately felt all the songs sonically and thematically connected - but it’s funny because the track “Movies” was written something like a week before we started the pre-production. That one was a last-minute decision but we all felt like it was made for this EP. “After Dark” was a jam we made when we met with Chris Ryan (producer) at pre-production also, and that track in itself is the window or portal into the collection of work. 

White - Exactly, "After Dark" is kind of like an overture for the whole EP, a little taste of what's to come. It takes key musical themes from throughout the project and reworks them in a way that makes them still reminiscent of their original form.

The title track 'See You in a Year and a Half' was produced by Chris Ryan, a producer who has worked with other reputable Irish bands such as NewDad and Just Mustard. Are there any Irish artists you take inspiration from or have on repeat at the moment? The Irish music scene is bustling with new music from over the last six months.

Durran - Yeah, the amount of (new) music in Ireland right now is nuts. I think you see Just Mustard all over our tunes, specifically in the guitar tones. For me, I hear a lot of Yavaga Bonds and Junior Brother on “Movies.” I'm non-stop listening to Search Results, Bricknasty, Gilla Band, Skinner, and Easy Tide. I could just name Irish bands I love forever.

White - Yeah, we adore the likes of Just Mustard and Gillaband who use sound effects and noise to create something interesting. Then the likes of New Dad who make shoegaze and dream pop work so harmoniously together – it makes us excited to even be playing and making music in the same era as them! 

Speaking of Irish talent, you recently supported Irish rock band The Scratch on the 29th of December. How was it? 

White - Great craic, them and their team were dead sound. And they're unbelievable, they sound so ridiculously huge live. I loved it ‘cause it's our biggest gig yet and was in my hometown Drogheda, which I love very much. 

Durran - It was so cool to be playing at a venue of that size and The Scratch lads are absolute angels; their whole team was just as welcoming, we all felt super comfortable being there. Funny enough, I went into a mosh pit at the very end of their set and ended up on the floor, smashed my phone and lost my glasses. Like Velma, but just way more hopeless. No regrets though, best mosh pit ever. 

Are there any plans for an upcoming tour this year or in the near future? Or are there any talks of headline gigs being booked?

Durran - We do have lots of plans for the year, definitely a couple of Dublin headlines and a few gigs around the country but mostly, we plan on creating more music and recordings for everyone to get their hands on.

White - There were talks of a tour but we've been going hard for a very long time, and we need a wee break. We will be getting out around the country around March but not as an official tour. There may be a big gig being put together soon.

What has been a major highlight of creating this EP?

White - For me, it was the day that Chris Ryan came to our rehearsal and we worked on “See You.” The noisy section in the middle was originally an outro and he suggested we try it in the middle. We really didn't like the idea, but he conducted us skipping around the room, hyping us up, and it just worked perfectly the first time around. He's got a crazy ear for songwriting and arrangements.

Durran - We all went up to Belfast and shared a gaf for 10 days and it was such good craic. Spending the days with Ryan is always a treat, too. A particular memory was most mornings, we’d arrive at Ryan’s and he’d have a fresh cup of coffee at the ready. Oh my God, it was the highlight because it was just so chill catching up early in the day about what we were up to the evening before, as we sipped on the most bizarre tasting coffee. Raspberry or something, whatever it was, it was amazing. 

And finally, what can we expect from CABL in the future? What are some of the band's New Year’s goals, if any? 

White -  Get some festival slots in the summer, hopefully, get a good manager and start building a team around us to help us grow in every direction. We have so much music we want to get out, we just have to find a way to fund getting it made. 

Durran - We mostly plan on creating more music and recordings for everyone to get their hands on. We all thrive the most when we’re making tunes and jamming together. We also recently caved and got ourselves a band TikTok, so whatever updates or news, or just band shenanigans that are going on, we’ll be posting a few videos here and there for sure! 

If you want to experience the band’s noise-filled tunes and haunting vocals, stream See You In A Year And Half on all major streaming platforms now.