OTwo Editors' Letter

Greetings once again, dear readers!October is upon us already, introductory lectures are well and truly over and assignments are hanging over our heads with the ever cheerful air of impending doom. But, all is not lost. This little supplement has more than enough packed into it to keep you updated and entertained over the next fortnight, so ignore that secondary reading list and enjoy what Otwo has to offer instead.The Dublin Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF) has over, the last number of years, established itself as a highlight of Ireland’s music calendar, and as we discovered from speaking to some of the main acts, it is an event with something for more than just hard-core electro-lovers.There’s music galore to follow as we interview the cuddly marsupials that are the Wombats, 90s favourites The Charlatans, summer songster Mundy and the less than frightening This Will Destroy You. Post-punks, British Sea Power, go under the live microscope of Gigabyte, and Show Patrol selects the best and discards the rest of the upcoming gigs of the fortnight.Theatre gets scary with the frightening spectacle that is Magick Macabre, and we see how Dramsoc’s first production of the year fared in the eyes of our critic. Spin off series and sex ed queries are what we’ve been watching on the box lately, and Igor and Gomorrah on the big screen.The ever eccentric Damien Hirst is what Art is all about, whilst Otwo Icon pays homage to Paul Newman. We look at the food options available to coeliacs on the Food page and conquer our stage fright with a Dramsoc audition for Otwo Attempts. Travel fights against the autumn blues with holiday must-sees of Lençóis and Tuscany and Fashion goes square for all things chequered.The sharp tongue of Soapbox falls upon awkward tutorials, whilst the sharper claws of Mystic Mittens dig even deeper in to all that you didn’t want to know about your imminent future. What’s Hot and What’s Not draws that thin line between the super-chic and terminally uncool and Voxpops continues to hassle the general student population with questions and cameras when least expected.Yours,Kate & Paul~~CompetitionThe Dublin Electronic Arts Festival is an event not to be missed this month, and Otwo is giving away over 16 pairs of tickets for the events below.Just answer this one question to win - What does DEAF stand for? The first people to email o-two@ucd.ie with the correct answer for each gig will get the tickets!1 pair of tickets to DEAF closing party, Village & Whelans Sun 26, 8pm1 pair of tickets to White Noise Sugar club, Sun 26, 8pm1 pair of tickets to Vibert, Kennedys, 11pm Sat 25th1 pair of tickets to Nurse With Wound, Thurs 23, Andrews Lane, 7.30pm1 pair of tickets to Mad EP & Ebola, Thurs 23, Andrews Lane, 11pm1 pair of tickets to Poets of Rhythm & Daedelus, Fri 24, 8pm1 pair of tickets to Trans AM, Village, Fri 24 8pm1 pair of tickets to In the Country & Susanna, Sat 25, 8pm Whelans5 pairs of tickets to DEAF Talks - Digital Hub 12-8pm, Sat 251 pair of tickets to Regis, Fri 24 Oct, Kennedys 11pm1 pair of tickets to Sweetalk with Steinski & Maser, Thurs 23, 7.30pm1 pair of tickets to Lakker & Bang Hazard, JJ Smyths, Sun 26, 8pm