Optimism over German classes for Law erasmus students

STUDENTS are hoping that they will receive German language classes during the second semester before they begin their erasmus year in Germany in September 2009. Law students who plan to study in Germany next year will be able to attend language classes if there are sufficient numbers interested in doing so.Students’ Union (SU) Education Officer, Paul Lynam explained that while availability of the language classes has yet to be confirmed, he is “optimistic” that the classes will be provided for students “as soon as they come back” from the Christmas break.Explaining that students approached him asking for the classes to be made available, Mr Lynam stated that “this is something the students want, they came to me and I went to the Dean of Law, Prof .McMahon. This is something they absolutely want”.Mr Lynam stated that he is “hopeful” that the proposed classes will be met with a good response from students. He is confident that there will be “enough numbers for it to go ahead” when the School of Law review the issue at the end of the first semester, and aims to “continue to push” for the german language classes to begin in January.Mr Lynam stated that if the proposal is successful, the students will have to study the language “more intensively next year, during the college term”. Denying that students will be put under additional pressure while completeing their coursework, Mr Lynam argued that taking german classes during the second semester will be “better than an intensive [course] during the summer or not having basic german for next year”.He stated that Law students who spend their third year in france “have French grinds... they are given a couple of hours every week or two weeks, throughout the year if they’re in second year and they’re going to france in their third year”. However, at present those who travel to Germany can not avail of such classes.