On a healthy trail in Dublin

One of the most critical components of the ‘New Year, New Me’ mindset is food. The phrase ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ rings true, but for those days where one feels the urge to prowl in town, here are some spots to treat oneself while still eating clean.

The first gem in the ‘Eat Clean Tour’ is the cosy restaurant Urban Picnic. Snuggled into the belly of St. George's Street Arcade, Urban Picnic hosts a variety of classic dishes ranging from chicken wraps to creamy pasta. All their bread is made in-house, further adding to the restaurant’s wholesome nature. On a frosty day, a heaping bowl of roasted vegetable soup is the best bargain, served with plenty of bread, all for €4. The place is cash only but absolutely worth this minor hassle.

Cornucopia is arguably one of the most creative wholefood restaurants in Ireland. This amazing place has a constantly rotating menu filled with vegan and gluten-free options, giving one plenty of room to indulge in healthy gluttony. Their main dishes range from lasagnas, quiches, cannellonis, and much more. This vegetarian family restaurant prides itself on their quality ingredients and stellar service. The perpetual queue is a testament to the quality of their food. Service is quick - simply hop in the line, order a main and pick two salads to accompany it. Cornucopia also offers a delightful breakfast menu and coffees as well as mouthwatering desserts such as vegan carrot-cake with coconut icing.

The newest addition to the ‘Eat Clean Tour’ lies just over the Ha’penny Bridge across from The Grand Social. Akaka Poke provides a quirky change from the monotony of overpriced healthy restaurants. This Hawaiian goldmine lets you design your own poke bowl, often with a base of fish or chicken and packed with fresh veggies. The variety of the ingredients gives the customer a near limitless range of culinary freedom, yet recurring flavors are refreshing and spicy. Vegetarian and vegan options are available when the protein is substituted for tofu or avocado.

The glory of healthy eating lasts longer than the meal itself; you feel the effects of quality food even after the meal. These three restaurants, despite their different atmospheres, all have the high quality that health-conscious customers aim to consume, while diverting from mainstream salads and detox juices. A ‘New Year, New Me’ is possible when eating clean tastes so delicious.