Obituary; Cormac Ó Braonáin

UCD Labour Youth on the passing of Cormac Ò Braonàin

UCD Labour Youth on the passing of Cormac Ò Braonàin

It is with heavy hearts that we announce our friend Cormac Ò Braonàin died in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was a friend and a proud comrade.

The vigil that was held for him in his primary school of Lios na N'Óg showed the overwhelming effect of his tragic passing on his family, friends and community. The school was filled with people who admired and loved Cormac. Yearning to share their stories of his glowing charisma, his steadfast principles, his magnificent sense of good humour, his boundless energy and the sheer cheekyness which made everyone love him.

While we know his family and his close friends will never fully heal from their loss, it is important for all to know of the phenomenal impact he had on the world and he will sorely be missed. When we lose someone so young there can often be a focus on their potential or what they could have achieved if they were granted more time. Cormac didn't need anyone to imagine a future for him. He spent every day of his life completely devoted to building his own future and protecting the future of others. He lived a brave, full life and achieved so much in his short period of time.

Frequently found behind a megaphone at rallies for civil rights, by the age of 19 his accomplishments spoke for themselves. He had occupied government buildings to protest climate change. He had been a director of elections for a successful county council run and he had been elected to chair his university Labour branch. Cormac was recently elected to Chair of the Labour Youth nationally, he was a scout leader, he was a fluent Irish speaker, he could play the piano and guitar and he loved nothing more than a good night of karaoke.

He would stand up to evictions on a weekday and then spend his weekend doing a riverside cleanup because there was nothing in the world of public service that was above or below him. He was fearless, kind and he will forever be missed. Cormac was an example to all young people but should be looked on as an example for everyone regardless of age. For the people in his life who believed in him it should also be said that he believed in them. Our faith in our friend and comrade was always repaid with interest. Now we must carry on his work and keep him and his family in our hearts.