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Fashion: Not So Tan-tastic

Fashion Editor Kieran Murphy finds out how to get that perfect sun-kissed look

Ireland used to be a nation of pale-faced beauties – the type who still win the Rose of Tralee every year. But since the turn of the decade, fake tan has been hitting pharmacies and salons across the country, becoming a staple in bathrooms everywhere. However, with UCD’s reputation as Willy Wonka’s new chocolate factory, it’s time to determine how to be sun-kissed as opposed to tangoed.

Sonya Doran from Carter Beauty in Blackrock tells otwo how to achieve the perfect tan. She places a particular emphasis on preparation: “Exfoliate the skin. It’s best to do it the night before you come in. Keep the skin moisturised as well. The day you come in for a spray tan, don’t wear any perfume or deodorant, as the tan will come out better that way.”

A prime example of a disastrously fake tanned end product.

And how do people end up looking like they work for Willy Wonka? It’s too much fake tan too often. Sonya explains that “you have to make sure it’s totally off before you get another one put on”. Putting on fake tan too soon after a previous application will cause your skin to get darker and patches will appear on your back if you’re not careful.

For students who can’t afford to get a spray tan, there are plenty of home options to retain your sun-kissed appearance. Sonya recommends Rimmel Sun Shimmer for an instant fake tan that comes off when you wash it.

People can be tempted to go to sun beds for the perfect tan. And with some costing less than a euro per minute of ‘sun,’ it can be easy to see why it’s so tempting. However, Sonya would not recommend them to anyone, telling otwo: “Sun beds are very dangerous. They can lead to skin cancer and create freckles and moles on your back.” Before adding: “Some sun beds are actually stronger than the sun. So you’re doing more damage than you think.”

But not every poor soul has to rely on faking it to get a California glow. Most people know someone who has spent their summer abroad and have come back with a flawless tan. So when you do make it to the actual sun, Sonya recommends wearing SPF 50, as you can still get a tan from sunscreen with a high factor.

And with the winter months coming up and balls just around the corner, everyone at otwo hopes that the women and (in some cases) men will take our advice. It’s important to realise that moderation is key and to try and eschew at least one stereotype associated with UCD students.