Non-student given place in Glenomena

An Individual, who is not enrolled in academic modules this semester, has been given a space in the Glenomena student residences, after receiving help from the Students’ Union (SU). The resident is currently employed by the SU and intends to begin taking classes next semester.The resident, who did not wish to be named, was moved into the Glenomena residences last Thursday, after spending at least one night sleeping in the SU welfare office, in the Student Centre. Denying that he had been “living there”, the person-in-question did “acknowledge that on one occassion I stayed there”.The individual described the situation as a “last minute thing”, and explained that members of the SU assisted him in securing accommodation in Glenomena. The individual stated that Glenomena residences, which normally accepts only final year undergraduate and postgraduate students, accepted him “because of the availability of places at this point in the year, what year I was in did not matter to them”.SU Welfare Officer, Conor Fingleton argued that it was “totally wrong” for a student who is not currently taking modules to be moved into campus residences. “The only people who should be getting campus are those students that are in UCD and are attending lectures”.While Mr Fingleton stated that he would “see what the story is and check with the accomodation office” to see if a student who is not taking classes is living on campus, he refused to comment when asked if he now regrets allowing the person-in-question to sleep in his office.Mr Fingleton did acknowledge that it is “incorrect” for any sabbatical officer to allow an unauthorised person access to the Student Centre after opening hours, and described such a situation as “not appropriate”. However, Mr Fingleton refused to recognise that a person was in his office after hours during last week.SU President, Aodhán Ó Deá argued that “as far as [he] is aware, the individual has not been” sleeping in the Student Centre. Mr Ó Deá added that “I honestly don’t think he was here. I don’t think he would have stayed here without me knowing”.When questioned of whether he believed that a person, who is not taking classes, should have received accommodation in the Glenomena residences while there are waiting lists of registered students attempting to secure campus accommodation, Mr Ó Deá said that “I don’t know. I’ve never really thought about it. It depends on the case”.The University Observer attempted to contact UCD Residences but had not received comment at the time of going to print.