"No" vote wins by 64% in referendum on UCDSU abortion stance

Votes being counted earlier today.  Photo Credit: Martin Healy[br]The results of the UCDSU abortion referendum held over the last two days around campus were announced this morning with 64% of students voting in favour of retaining the current stance on abortion. The number of votes cast exceeded quorum, with 4781 students voting.  This was double the amount needed in order for the referendum to be binding.UCDSU will now continue it's mandate to campaign to repeal the 8th amendment, as part of a larger campaign for abortion in all circumstances. All schools voted in favour of a No vote, with the closest result being in the Newman evening vote.Yes for neutrality received 34% of the vote.  The referendum was called earlier in October, following submission of a petition by UCD Students for Fair Representation.The result was announced earlier than expected, with results initially not expected until this afternoon.For the full breakdown of votes see here.[hr]For more information see the print edition of the University Observer next Tuesday.