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Free condoms to be made available to third level students

Minister for Health Simon Harris has published the Report of the Working Group on Access to Contraception. Acting on their findings, Harris announced that a condom distribution service has been launched, which will allow third level institutions to order free condom dispensers from the HSE.

Students' Union Affairs

UCDSU hold first Council of academic year

The first council of the academic year was held on Wednesday, 9th October, a week later than is constitutionally mandated. The first...


Freshers’ Tent walkout for Climate Strike sparks anger with Societies Council

A large majority of UCD societies have staged a mass walkout from the UCD Freshers’ Tent today in order to attend the Global Climate Strike. This move has caused anger among high ranking members of the UCD Societies Council, who attempted to drown out the protesters chants by turning the volume up on their music speakers, and engaging in heated discussions with a member of the UCD Students’ Union staff.

UCD grant partial amnesty to students for Global Climate Strike

On Thursday, in an email circulated around many of auditors, and seen by the University Observer, Chair of the Societies Council, James Alkayed, ensured that no “society grants would be cut directly” over students attending the strike, but that “Freshers’ Week regulations must be adhered to.” Rules state that during Freshers’ Week, a society must have people manning their tables for at least half of the day. If they do not comply with this, they may lose their space.

Belfield FM apologise over comments concerning the Traveller community made on ‘Up Late With...

Management at Belfield FM released a statement on 22nd March, apologising for comments made about Pavee Point directors, Martin Collins and Ronnie...

Policy referendum to extend the Student Centre Levy

The Student Centre levy is a €254 fee that students are required to pay yearly in addition to the contribution fee. Unlike...

UCD Windsurfing in violation of AUC safety rules

The UCD Windsurfing Club have been found to be in breach of safety regulations and have organised events without the support of...

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