Remembrance Vigil to be held this week

This year the Remembrance Day candlelit vigil for Please Talk will take place on Wednesday 13th November at 5.30pm. The annual event is organised to acknowledge those lost through suicide and encourage people to reflect on mental health, while recognising the struggles that others may be facing.

Please Talk is a campaign that commenced in UCD in 2007 to tackle the mental health problems facing young people. By encouraging people to talk, and providing information about available support services to those seeking guidance, Please Talk has been successfully promoting the importance of mental health, and reinforcing the idea that talking is a sign of strength, not of weakness.

The transition to university and the stresses of college life itself can prove extremely challenging to students. Please Talk is there to assist in providing an answer. With extensive experience in handling the difficulties that college students face, the campaign staff are always on hand to promote the social, personal and emotional welfare of students.


Former UCD President launches third theological text

The work of philosopher and former UCD President Patrick Masterson was honoured on Monday night, 11th of November, at the launch of his new book Approaching God: Between Phenomenology and Theology.

The third in a trilogy produced over more than four decades ago, Prof. Masterson continued his examination of belief and reason, attempting to bridge the gap between these controversial topics, as already begun in his two previous books Atheism and Alienation, published in 1971, and The Sense of Creation.

The first book dealt with the change in attitude towards religion from the 17th century, where “people thought you were mad or alienated if you didn’t believe in God, whereas a lot of people today think you are mad or alienated if you do,” says Masterson.

A subject of profound interest to the author, Prof. Masterson regarded the publication of his new book as the result of a life-long, ongoing exploration. The launch was attended by his four children; Rosemary, Lucy, Naomi and Laurence, at which he acknowledged the absence of his late wife Frankie, who passed away five months ago. The professor was acknowledged at the occasion by UCD Professor of Philosophy Dermot Moran.


Dr Brady delivers oration in Melbourne

UCD President, Dr Hugh Brady, was present at the 2013 Menzies Oration on Higher Education in the University of Melbourne. The event honoured the Sir Robert Menzies, the former Prime Minister of Australia.

Sir Menzies passed away in 1966 and is renowned for his dedication to improving the development of Australia universities. The general topic of each oration is higher education policy.

Dr Brady used his oration to broach the pressing issues affecting the higher education system during the recession and how much a threat this economic downturn poses to third-level education.

During his closing statement, Dr Brady said, “The University of Melbourne and UCD were founded to be bold and have demonstrated throughout their histories, including their very recent histories, that they are not afraid to be different.

“They will undoubtedly be challenged to do so more often and with even more conviction over the coming decades given the pace at which knowledge, technology, the higher education marketplace, and society is changing.”

“In so doing, we can perhaps take even more inspiration and comfort from John Henry Newman who memorably wrote that ‘To live is to change, to be perfect is to have changed often’.”