News in Brief

Semester two Elective Expo close to confirmationAn Elective Expo proposed by UCDSU Education Officer Sam Geoghegan is being organised for the beginning of semester two. Geoghegan remarked that he is working “extremely hard” to get it in place but it is yet to be confirmed.The expo would give students a chance to get a taste for the various electives on offer before they make a final decision as to which one they choose to take, allowing them to find out more about modules from lecturers who have taught them and students who have taken them.The expo will be offered to make up for the fact that “a lot of students who think that [a module] sounds great, [but] find that the information in the module descriptor wasn't really representative of what was on offer,” explained Geoghegan.He found that such an event proved to be “impossible” to hold at the commencement of semester one “because unfortunately, a huge amount of staff in the university seem to take the summer off.”Geoghegan stated that the event would probably be held in the second week of the second semester, which is the week beginning on the 23rd January.”Amnesty International holding ‘Right to Health’ campaign this weekUCD Amnesty International Society are currently holding the ‘Right to Health’ campaign at the back of the Student Centre. The campaign began on November 14th and will run until November 16th from 12pm to 3pm each day. The society will park an ambulance behind the Student Centre, while volunteers, dressed as doctors and patients, try to get students to sign their petitions.The society are collecting signatures to try and force the government to adhere more rigorously to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), which holds provisions on infant mortality, industrial and environmental hygiene, disease control and a right to medical attention for all in the event of sickness.By signing the Covenant, Ireland is bound by international law and must observe the provisions of ICESR. Signs of movement on the issue were seen in the most recent Programme for Government, which included a commitment to “require all public bodies to take due note of equality and human rights in carrying out their functions.Amnesty International Society member Orla Price stated that the society is campaigning for a more “universal, available and accessible healthcare system.”Commerce students holding charity fundraiserCommerce students partaking in a module offered by Service Learning are currently organising charity events, which serve to make up their module grade. The module stems from the Quinn School’s Centre for Service Learning and Community Engagement.A report given by students at the end of the semester based on their work in aid of charity counts for “approximately ninety per cent” of each group’s overall grade, according to second year student, Jack Fox.Fox, who is taking the module as an elective, explained that the type of work undertaken by each group “depends on the charity; some might want you to do profile awareness, some might want you to do a fundraiser … some groups are basically just setting up a Facebook page for their charities and are trying to get followers”.Fox’s group are preparing for their fundraiser, the proceeds of which will go to the Marc Owen’s Medical Fund. The event will be held on November 27th at the Lost Society in Dublin city centre. “It's going to be a mix between a charity auction and a casino-themed night,” stated Fox.Tickets for the event are on sale in the Quinn building and the Student Centre this week.