News in Brief

RAG week in UCDRAG Week took place in UCD last week where more than 40 society events and fundraiser took place.With the aim of creating a stronger following for RAG week, UCD Societies Council and the UCDSU Ents Crew had originally planned to run RAG week in conjunction with TCD RAG week. However due to the postponement of exams it was decided to hold RAG week in the second week of term.Events such as ‘The Naked but-not-so-naked Fancy Dress Fun Run’ and the rescheduled Christmas Ball were among some of the events that took place on campus. Acts such as Blue Moose, S Club 7 and Five were dotted throughout the usual lists of nightclub promotions, and events such as a charity 40-foot jump raised money for charity.Students’ Union Ents Officer Jonny Cosgrove described the week as a success regardless of the delay; “There’s a good buzz on campus,” said Cosgrove, “There’s something going on all the time everywhere.”The aim of the week was to raise funds for the UCD Community Outreach Fund.UCD Fashion ShowThe UCD Fashion Show returned to campus last week after a two year absence.The event, which has been previously run by groups outside the university and staged off campus was been taken over by the Students’ Union and took place in O Reilly Hall.Students’ Union Ents Office Jonny Cosgrove spoke to The University Observer prior to the event and said that the SU’s involvement meant that the show would be more accessible for students: “We’re changing the format this year. Rather than one big, over-eccentric show where people can’t afford tickets, we’re doing three shows.”The show ran from Monday to Wednesday during RAG week, with Irish model and UCD student Rozanna Purcell on hand to help with the preparaitons.USI campaign to register 50,000 students to voteThe Union of Students in Ireland (USI) launched a national campaign to register 50,000 students to vote in the upcoming general election.The campaign, called “Your Future, Your Vote” was launched at Leinster House on January 21st. The USI plans to tour the country on the USI Election Express (Branded Campaign Bus) over a two-week period, visiting every third level institute in the country with the aim of increasing the turnout of young people in the election.USI President, Gary Redmond, said he believes the opinions of younger people have been ignored for too many years and that “young people in Ireland will shoulder years of crippling debt thanks to the mistakes of the current generation and we will not tolerate a single second more of lackluster governance from Irish politicians.”Redmond also cited the November 3rd march as having been a warning to politicians of the actions that students are prepared to take to secure their futures.