University Of Toronto, Canada

A report by the University’s Planning and Resource Committee has proposed changes to its academic programmes in an attempt to cut back spending.

The report, prepared by the Working Groups on Organisational and Financial Efficiency, was to identify areas within the university where savings could be made. Among the measures suggested, dropping some MPhil courses where student numbers are low was proposed. If carried out, it could save the university £100,000 per year for each course closed.

The report also shows that only 11 per cent of supervisions take place on a one-to-one basis. By increasing the student-staff ratio to two-to-one, the groups estimated that the university could save £600,000 per year in payments to supervisors.

The groups were set up to form a contingency plan to cope with the bleak outlook of the most recent budget.

Bristol University, England

The BBC has apologised to students for unfairly representing them in a news report about heavy drinking.

The piece, which reporting on the rise on binge drinking, happy hours and alcohol deals, was recorded during a Student Union pub crawl and implied that the students had been drinking heavily that night, yet students complained that they had been informed the report was about general student life and not specifically regarding alcohol.

Those filmed claimed that they had been encouraged to show their drinks to the camera.  They felt that it left viewers with a bad impression of the university’s students.

Student Union president, Owen Peachy, defended the decision to allow BBC cameras to film claiming that the footage was to supplement his earlier interview. In it, he outlined the effort the Union makes in educating students on the effects of heavy drinking.

University of California, Los Angeles

UCLA has received a $100 million donation to aid research and construction projects within the university.

$50 million will be allocated to the UCLA school of Public Affairs and will be allocated towards graduate student fellowships and other academic programs.

The other $50 million will go towards the construction of a residential conference centre and facility club. The construction is estimated to be $160 million, with $120 million being covered by bond funds.

The facility centre hopes to provide a larger, indoor/outdoor dining area and more meeting space.

The donation was made by UCLA alumni, Renee Luskin, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1949.

The donation is the second largest in UCLA’s history, the largest being $200 million donated to the UCLA school of Medicine nine years ago.