New SU branding met with universal praise - The Harpy

Image Credit: UCDSU

The introduction of New branding for UCDSU has been met with praise and applause from students and graduates alike. With one of the oldest sabbatical teams in recent years, with an average age of 47, UCDSU’s re-branding is understood to be down with the kids.

In a zoom call with The Harpy Education officer Hannah Bryson “We were worried about the new branding as some people are attached to the old branding, which has served us well for more than 6 months, but after seeing the response, I’m glad we made this decision”. Welfare officer Ruairí Power added “It will be easier to campaign against Deeks with such sleek, modern branding making us look professional and not at all like a bunch of uppity school children”.

Campaigns and Engagement officer Leighton Gray is understood to have returned early from their holiday to join in celebrations, telling their followers on Tumblr “I usually value paid leave as a part of any normal job, but after seeing the joy this new branding has brought, I felt compelled to join in with students to celebrate this roaring success”.

Former Sabbatical officers have also taken to Twitter to celebrate the rebranding, with one former Welfare officer posting “I wish I were still around, the branding was the only thing wrong with the Union!”. A former President added “Freshers will be dying to get with an officer wearing apparel branded like that”.

In a statement to The Harpy, President of UCDSU, CEO of UCDSUCSL (incorporating BigToe Ltd.), and company President Conor Anderson said the new branding will “Help synergise our dynamic leadership skills with our core values as a company, thus seamlessly future-proofing our company against external challenges in the ever changing markets”. He added “We are proud of our digital marketing and graphic design team, and have been assured that they never, ever, did the wrong thing while hiring the current team”.