New performance gym opens in UCD with no time restrictions for students

The management of UCD Sport and Fitness opened a new performance gym on Monday, January 21st. The performance gym is located on the second floor of the UCD Sports building, taking the location which was previously occupied by the Crunch Fitness gym. There will be no time restrictions on UCD students using this new performance gym. The gym is open from 8am to 10pm, and students can use the gym any time during these hours. This is to counteract measures which were put in place restricting students from using the gym in the new Student Centre between 6.15pm to 8.15pm on weekday evenings during term time.President of the Students’ Union, Rachel Breslin has described the opening of this new performance gym as a “really positive development”, the result of both the Students’ Union and individual students “talking to management” and voicing their complaints. Breslin sees UCD Sport and Fitness as “expanding to meet the needs of the students…particularly those who will want to get fitter and healthier”.The new performance gym will offer a vast array of strength and conditioning and functional training equipment, such as half cages incorporating lifting platforms, a full plate loaded range, four cable machines, dedicated TRX training stations, seated calf machine and T-bar row as well as a range of cardio equipment. These new weights were purchased by the University, due to the large number of students who “were writing in and asking” for more equipment.In addition to the new performance gym, “there will also be 22 free fitness classes for students this semester,” according to Breslin. A new student fitness class timetable was issued January 21st, which offered a variety of classes such as spin, cardio box, body cut, pilates and Core ’n Tone. These classes will take place throughout the week in the new performance gym as well as in the UCD Sport and Fitness Centre.The new performance gym will be open to the public as well as to students. Meanwhile, the same restrictions on students using the UCD Sport and Fitness Centre are still in place. Breslin thinks it likely that this new system will be used for the rest of the semester, though nothing is confirmed.