New deal for distribution of condoms


STUDENTS will now be able to avail of a new arrangement for the distribution of condoms in UCD. Condoms will now be available for purchase from the Students’ Union (SU) in boxes of 144 for €6, or students can choose to take packets of six condoms for free from SU Welfare Officer, Conor Fingleton.

The deal was secured by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), having come to an agreement to buy the condoms in bulk from a supplier in Manchester for sale or distribution by the constituent SU’s in Irish universities.


Mr Fingleton stated that he was delighted with the new arrangement, expressing his hope it was an opportunity to better facilitate obtaining of condoms by students. “At the moment, students can buy twelve condoms for €12. It’s great that (the new arrangement) will be available to students.”

Mr Fingleton has said that he has ordered 20 packs of 144 condom, which will be made available to students in the coming weeks. He hopes that these will be available for sale in the SU shops in boxes of 144 or given away without charge in packets of six, as opposed to the four condoms per person which the SU have previously distributed for free.

“I’m looking into getting them into the student shops… as well as providing the 144 pack at a cost and looking at giving the packet of six for free to students.” Mr Fingleton explained that if this is not possible, he will sell and distribute free condoms from his office in the Student Centre.

“We’re still giving them free here. At the moment, as far as I’m aware you can buy condoms at the SU shops but they’re at the normal produce price as in a pharmacy. We’re just building on (the original distribution) to give students the advantage because some students wouldn’t want to come in every day, every few weeks or for three or four.”

Mr Fingleton announced USI’s new deal at the SU council meeting on the 17th of September.