Netsoc launch laptop repair scheme with UCDSU

Netsoc and UCD Students’ Union will be launching a laptop repair scheme in the next fortnight. According to UCDSU Campaigns and Communications Officer Paddy Guiney, the scheme will be running shortly, beginning with a two week trial period: “I’ve just finalised the details now and will be working on this in conjunction with Netsoc, offering students a cut price in comparison with what other professional repairers would offer.”With third-level education now dependent on the internet for education, laptops are now a necessity in many cases, rather than a luxury, for students. The laptop repair scheme aims to reduce costs for students when they damage their laptops: “Professional repairers outside UCD offer repairs for in excess of €100 to €200. We will fix your laptop for €30,” says Guiney.The repairs will be carried out by the UCD Internet and Computer Science Society (Netsoc): “It’s going to be advertised  to first and second year students in Computer Science, so they can come in and fix people’s laptops under supervision,” says Head System Administrator at Netsoc, Sam Dunne. “They’re also getting a practical element to the subject that they’re studying, that’s not in the subject that they’re studying, because Computer Science is a very theoretical course.”The repairs will be supervised by NetSoc committee members David Doyle and Dunne, who says: “The whole idea of the laptop repair scheme is that students can bring in their laptops and have them looked at and repaired for €30 for the first two weeks.”“Laptop repair is currently quite expensive. I think a lot of places charge you €50 to have a look at your laptop before they do any repairs, and that’s not including parts,” Dunne continues. “The €30 they pay for the first two weeks is ‘no fix, no fee.’ If we have to buy in a part, we’ll ask them first and if they’re happy, they’ll just have to pay for the part, on top of the fixed fee.” The fee is split 50/50, with 50% going to the Union and the other 50% to the repairer.Guiney is optimistic regarding the project and says: “I am very excited about this scheme and am looking forward to it being successful, and that we can improve on this. Our next stage of the project is that we are going to launch an iPhone repair scheme for mobiles and iPhones as well; it’s going to be done judging on the success of the laptop repair scheme.”