Nearly 300 students honoured at UCD Awards Evening

ON Friday, the 3rd March, over 288 students assembled in the O'Reilly Hall to receive an award at the annual UCD Awards Evening. The evening sees the university award students for their outstanding achievements in academic and extracurricular activities.Scholarships were awarded to students who finished with top academic grades in courses throughout UCD. Scholarships are typically awarded to those with a GPA of 3.68 or a First Class Honours, or given to those who come in first place in a particular subject area. These students will receive scholarship payments for the entirety of the following year, and the scholarship award will be included permanently on their academic transcript.One to three students can be awarded a scholarship in each stage. There were, on average, two to five awards given per school, including over 50 awarded within the School of Science alone, covering subjects such as mathematics, computer science and biochemistry.Postgraduate scholarships were awarded to seven students in Arts and Humanities, four students from the School of Business, and six in Social Sciences and Law. The scholarships will allow them to pursue research degrees.Non-academic awards were also given out at the evening. Students who excelled in extracurricular activities and contributed to making UCD a more diverse and fun place were awarded the President’s Award, the highest honour UCD undergraduate students can receive. The nine awarded students were acknowledged to have given a significant portion of their free time to drama, debating, journalism and other areas within UCD.Musically talented students were awarded UCD Symphony Orchestra Scholarship or UCD Choral Scholarship.The awards ceremony took place in O’Reilly Hall. Music was provided on the night by the Alpha Quartet, and families and friends of awardees, and UCD staff gathered in O’Reilly Hall to celebrate the achievements of the evening.