UCD Student’s Union Campaigns and Communication Officer Paddy Guiney has confirmed that the laptop repair service and bike rental scheme, due to be launched last week, have been postponed until semester two. Guiney claimed this was due to the need for him to be 100% committed to the National Campaign to stop the contribution increase, which is his “top priority”.

Guiney says the laptop repair service, which is to be run with NetSoc and facilitated by the Union, is “all ready to go. They [NetSoc] are completely ready to go. We could have launched; our plan was to launch this week. It just can’t happen because of the National Campaign.”

Guiney decided he could not commit to the necessary promotion and publicity to make the launch a successful one at this stage. Union efforts are currently being concentrated on the Gilmore’s 250 plan and the associated demonstration on November 19th.

A decision taken with the Environmental Officer in relation to the bike scheme was on similar grounds, with Guiney saying he will have the time after the Budget and over the Christmas break to successfully pull together the two efforts: “It’s a fantastic scheme and I want it to be successful and if I launched it now, it wouldn’t take off… It will launch in semester two.”

NetSoc are due to set up in the Students’ Union Corridor in the Student Centre. In October, Guiney was optimistic regarding the project saying he was “very excited about this scheme and looking forward to it being successful.” Initially due to launch around Halloween, a new date had been set for this week.

The laptop scheme aims to reduce costs for students when they damage their laptops. While professional repairs can reach the hundreds, €30 is all that will be asked of UCD students through this facility. It was hoped that a phone repair scheme would also be set up, depending on the success of the laptop service when it eventually gets up and running.

The bike scheme will see a second-hand service set up through the Belfield Bike shop. UCD authorities have the right to take and store any bikes left on campus for longer than three months. Under this new system, the bikes would be refurbished and sold to students for a low price. There is also demand seen for the price of new bikes to be lowered and in response to this, there is the possibility that half price ones may become available through the scheme.

Both schemes will “definitely” be running at the start of semester two, according to Guiney.