Mystic Mittens, Volume XXVII Issue 1

Image Credit: Laoise Tarrant

Your readings for Volume XXVII Issue 1, Published in print on 22/09/2020


It’s time to shake it up, Cancer. Ditch that dead weight, and be open to new opportunities. You’ve been complaisant, a new start calls you. 


Money money money, baby. It's time for you to reap your rewards, and spend that hard-earned cash. Treat yourself to that 9 euro food and pint. You deserve it. 


Tread lightly. It may be your month, but there are plenty of people out there waiting to steal the limelight. It’s advisable to lay low this season. Watch your back, basically. 


Prioritise self-care this month. You may find yourself lagging a bit. Take your time in processing your emotions, and stay in alignment with what you really need. 


You’re finally ready to go act on that crazy idea you’ve been putting on the long finger! Compose yourself, don’t let nerves take over. You got this. Oh and watch maybe don’t wear anything yellow. 


Swipe right for love! You may be feeling lustful this month. Re-activate your account, honey. And maybe change your bio. It's shit and will get you nowhere. 


Although your phone credit may wane after your foray into the world of long distance relationships, your street credit rises as you understand the depths of your own passionate strength. Stay sweet, tender Cap.


As the new moon rises in your eighth house of transformation, change the picture on your Ucard. Replace the photo in your locket with a steamy, hand cropped polaroid. Follow the path that brings you curiosity.


Although you are confused at the best of times, this month will highlight your lesser recognised skills. Organise your moments in a way that brings you gratitude. When in doubt, be extra kind.


Your temper can get you into tough situations, but your pride can maneuver you out of them just as fast. Take a moment to breathe before you act, gaining recognition for standing your ground isn’t always the end goal.


Comfort has always been your main agenda. But recently, you have found yourself wondering if there is more out there for you. It is not about results, only about the thrill of experimentation.


Your internal dialogue may need a bit of work this month, little Gem. If you find yourself struggling for connection in the external, work on your inner voice internally. It may be the only way to an open heart.