Mystic Mittens: Vol. XXVII Issue 8

Image Credit: Laoise Tarrant

Your readings for Volume XXVII Issue 8, Published in print on 13/04/2021

SCORPIO - My Plutonian angel, this month may bring expansion to an extent you never quite imagined. Although “rut” maybe your go-to statement on your existence at the moment, transform your language and the rest will follow.

Sagittarius- Dear sag, your adventures grow wilder this month as you ease into self-love. Take yourself by the hand and lead yourself on your own adventure.

Capricorn- My darling water goat, although moving upwards may be your movement of choice, this month's experiment with laying and taking in your surroundings, relaxation may be a fresh approach- but it yields only beauty.

Aquarius -  Relationships are on the horizon for you, Aquarius. If you are familiar with your love language, you should try translating that language into your daily life. You might attract the person you’ve been looking for all along. 

Pisces- Sweet Pisces, grow up. Throw out the Birkenstocks, stop reading Murakami in Blessington basin, waiting for someone to walk up to your bench and enquire after your Aran sweater. Change how you seek communication- this is your challenge!

Aries- Dear ram, aggressive is not always the answer, though it may be the means to peace. Go slowly into the night of conversation this month, a fight is rarely as fulfilling as it may feel! 

Taurus - Your new adventures are on unfolding, Taurus. The excitement hasn’t settled in yet, but your stars are aligning. Bide your time, dear Taurus, you are coping better than you think. Mystic Mittens bids you adieu, Taurus, go forth and prosper. 

Gemini - Gemini! Stop the self-doubt! You are receiving far more fortune than you believe you are. Open your eyes and your heart will follow. Be open to new opportunities! 

Cancer -  Be wary this season, Cancer. You’ve tried so hard to keep yourself in check, don’t let one tiny slip up be the end of your hard work. Trust all the habits that you’ve been building on. They’ll hold strong, and so will you, Cancer. 

Leo - Your friendships are keeping you afloat, Leo. You need time to reconfigure where you’re planning on going. Don’t be afraid to let your mane down ROAR. 

Virgo - Virgo, your health needs to be prioritised! You’ve selflessly been putting everyone else’s needs before your own, and it's taking its toll on you as of late. The signs are on that 

Libra - This month, Libra, you’ve been blessed by the planets with productivity. You’ll find yourself working at an unprecedented pace - you’ll barely recognise the person in the mirror! You might even get a chance to finish that unfinished painting you’ve been working on for the past decade.