Mystic Mittens: Vol XXVII Issue 5

Image Credit: Laoise Tarrant

Your readings for Volume XXVII Issue 5, Published in print on 26/01/2021


With Saturn and Jupiter conjunct in your sun, the home of your ego and identity, dear Cap, contraction and expansion may become fully realised and alternating states of being in your life. The awareness of these shifting states will bring you space for joy, a lust for life and true pleasure in a way that you may have previously felt was truly impossible to experience in the midst of introspective-laden heaviness. Lean in to understanding your love for others, how the love of others allows you to grow and, most importantly, how undeniably gorgeous you are. 

This month, try to not focus on a lack of anything- but the space for EVERYTHING!


At the best of times, little water bearer, you are a challenger of all normalities. This part of yourself has little to do with proving others wrong and everything to do with ensuring justice for all. Such an instinct may weigh on you. Check in with yourself at every chance possible. Have I had breakfast? Is my Fitbit weighing me down? Am I giving more energy than I am receiving back? Start slowly with these questions, the calm will meet you there.


Although you may recently have felt the tug of chaotic emotions more frequently than you would like, know that this does not make you any less of a noble ‘Words with Friends’ opponent. When the tug feels too strong, take a walk by the water, solve a puzzle or change your lock screen wallpaper. You can do this.


Flexing your muscles in the mirror may bring a glint to your eye, but a question mark on your bank statements. Stay off and understand when motivation is an escape route. You may be strong, but you are no Hulk.


This month, stubborn Taurus, create a Revolut volt simply named simpy ‘Trust Fund’. When anyone lends a wandering eye to your phone screen as you open up the app - laugh as though deeply embarrassed and tell them you ‘have no idea how that got there’. People will be in awe and your reputation will be garnished with rich mystery forever. 


Although your brain and mouth may be operating at a faster pace than usual recently, little Gem, remember that there is nothing wrong with talking to yourself. Watch YouTube episodes of ‘The Actor’s studio’ and pause before the actor in question may answer. Not only will providing statements on a false Hollywood past boost your confidence, but it will also dramatically improve your improv skills and bring a new sense of purpose to your non-stop conversation.


Oh Caner, your youthful mindset may be perceived as being naive - I assure you as much as a Mystical Cat can, that you are anything but dumb! Take no heed of people who challenge your youthful glow, they are often the ones that are naive to the simplicities of life. 


This month may bring with it some financial strain. A change in approach may loosen the purse strings of the Mystic Gods, and you may find yourself in gain, Leo. Consider investing in some bitcoin. 


Dearest Virgo, your reliance on companionship has challenged your grasp on reality. This month brings with it a realisation that solitude is indeed your friend, and that being alone isn’t as terrifying as you thought.


Libra, there comes a time in everyone’s life when a decision had to be made. You not being able to decide on which film to watch is getting boring. Perhaps you are waiting for an answer to slap you straight in the face, like a dramatised version of Hermoine Granger slapping Draco Malfoy in the third Harry Potter. Well, here you are. Watch Harry Potter.


New Year, new Scorpio! This month may bring with it a change of environment, a new style, but most importantly, a change of heart. Don’t be afraid to lean into your new attitudes. They will surely lead to new adventures or at least a funny story. 


Your character has been challenged recently. Don't take it to heart, Sagittarius! You may think that your superhuman qualities aren't subject to human faults, but this is where you are wrong. Lighten up, see the humour in your ego.