Mystic Mittens: Vol XXVII Issue 2

Image Credit: Mysticism

Your readings for Volume XXVII Issue 2, Published in print on 13/10/2020

Spooky season may find this crab clutching on to your shell. Remember that where there is fear, there is guided curiosity. What may seem to go bump in the night will hardly make a dent in the morning light. 

Your emotional pride may isolate you at times this month, sweet Leo. Bear in mind that when you feel most driven to problem solve, you are at your most vulnerable. It is possible to hold your head high, whilst still bowing down to your feelings. 

Your daily routine is where your energy sits pretty. Recent changes in daily structure may have left you questioning your place in the world, but focusing on a glimmering light of joy, no matter how small, is the key to resourcing yourself. 

Balance may be your strong suit, but it is not your duty! Sometimes inner balance looks like honouring the connections you have made, by walking away and giving yourself a pat on the back. 

You are a sorceress of love this month, darling Scorpion. Although you may not realise it, others are looking over their shoulder at you, as much as you look at them. Creep away- but remember, you are the epitome of loving kindness that predates mystery. 

You normally need to place a fist in your mouth to prevent a verbal waterfall, dear Sag. But recent restrictions have left your lips masked and your eyes downcast. Write it out. Act it out. Dance it out. All will give you the release you deserve!

Its strongly, STRONGLY advised that you don't risk that hot sauce on your pork-belly deluxe burrito. For the love of god, little cap, resist the urge this week. 

This season is looking spooky for you. Your moon is pulling the tide of a new dawn your way. It is a spooky new dawn.

There’s a very clear indication this season that you’re going to be drawn to either a sexy barrister, or a sexy barista. Order a Starbucks and/or sue someone to find out.  

You may have recently been looking into joining a skipping rope club, close to where you live. This is the sign you need - DO IT.

Your love of domineering is getting very old, Taurus. Try swallowing your pride, and let someone else be on top for once. Submission is a quirk too!

Oh you poor, sweet little gem. Things are looking a little bleak in the revolut account, aye? This month brings with it a turn in the financial winds, my friend. Treat yourself to a candle. Thank Mystic Mittens later.