Mystic Mittens: February 2023

Your favourite psychic pussycat is back with a fresh round of predictions

Aries - It wasn’t your fault. How could it have been? Stop beating yourself up over it and move on, it really wasn’t your fault. 

Taurus - You are going to read the newspaper tomorrow and find startling news, that’s right, the renaissance men are finally coming to town!! Golly gee you’ll have so much fun. 

Gemini - Find a penny, pick it up, for that whole day you’ll be a penny richer. You can’t spend it on anything because you live in Ireland and we don’t use pennies but it’s kinda cool, so. 

Cancer -  This is a cry for help.

Leo - This once again goes out to Ke Huy Quan and no other Leo. You are going to win that Oscar. You just are. 

Virgo - There is never going to be another good game from Bioware. It is beyond over, you need to let the dream go. 

Libra -  Alex the lion is living in your walls. He’s waiting for the next Madagascar movie to reveal himself. Don’t let him win, find him.

Scorpio - Yeah that night out was a mistake and you’re never going to feel anything in the same way again but you’ve got uh, you’ve got, well.

Sagittarius - Like again I am trying to critique you on something but I can’t? All you do is serve like genuinely no notes. 

Capricorn - Put your hand into your pocket. That cool thing you just found that you didn’t know was there? Yeah that was my doing, you’re welcome. 

Aquarius - You have one full month of rejuvenation ahead of you, a month of cleansing and happiness for everything you stand for. Epic.

Pisces - 100 hours in Huniepop?! That’s unbelievable, it’s a bit of a slay but also... sheesh. Anyway, Game Grumps are coming to Dublin!!