Album: Mylo Xyloto

Artist: Coldplay

Grade: B-

Coldplay have a bad rap amongst young people and deservedly so. They’re musical kleptomaniacs with a penchant for desperate lyrical pandering. Nonetheless, they have an infuriating knack for writing gorgeous melodies that defy their lack of originality, as proven on their latest album, Mylo Xyloto.

All justifiable resentment melts away when faced with the climbing chorus of ‘Paradise’ or the infectious ‘Major Minus’. It’s strange to think such unabashed populism can be so irresistible five albums in. However, Mylo sees the band exploring some new routes to the top of the charts. A glorious collaboration with Rihanna (‘Princess of China’) is sure to find Chris Martin rocking the white man’s overbite in a stadium near you.

Love them or hate them, Coldplay have produced another collection of well-crafted pop gems that are sure to keep their bank accounts extremely well-lined.

In a Nutshell: A pleasant record with some new variations of the Coldplay formula.