My 2024 Travel Bucket List

Image Credit: Christine Roy via Unsplash

Bianka Csikos highlights her 2024 bucket list holiday destinations.

A New Year sounds like the perfect excuse to start daydreaming about new holiday destinations. It’s never too early to start planning, right?  New Year’s sales are certainly tempting which is why many travel enthusiasts, like myself, find themselves earnestly scanning flights for the next potential destinations. Without further ado, here are my 2024 bucket list getaway destinations.

New Year’s sales are certainly tempting which is why many travel enthusiasts, like myself, find themselves earnestly scanning flights for the next potential destinations. 

Bergen, Norway

My first most anticipated bucket list destination for 2024 is Bergen, Norway. Perhaps I read too much Scandinavian crime fiction, but I have been dreaming of Norway’s snow-covered peaks and lush forests for quite some time. Bergen is the second biggest city in Norway and it’s surrounded by seven mountains, which makes it a true hiker’s paradise. On a holiday here, I would rent a woodland cabin, hike through the woods, and enjoy the beautiful views of the city. I would also like to take a cable car up to Ulriken, Bergen’s highest mountain, relax at a floating sauna, and go on a fjord cruise. I’d visit during the summer months since I love hiking; however, autumn and winter are also ideal for people looking for a cosy getaway beneath the northern lights. While the local prices and accommodation appear quite expensive, there are cheaper options if you keep an eye out. There are direct flights from Dublin, but why not stop over in Oslo for the full Scandinavian experience? 

Athens, Greece

No matter how much I enjoy nature, I also love a city break and I am certainly tempted by Europe’s oldest capital. As I take an interest in Greek mythology and history, Athens appears full of wonder with its Acropolis, Parthenon, and the ancient theatre of Dionysus. Athens offers various mythological walking tours, food tours, and even bike tours. Besides surveying the array of historical sites, I would also venture through the authentic Plaka district, explore the Monastiraki flea market, and indulge in Greek street food. After this, a beach break sounds necessary for a swim in the Mediterranean sea while resting my feet. Athens is also a great place for nights out as most taverns are open late and there are many bars and clubs around. Nevertheless, do we need more of a reason than the Mediterranean climate, beautiful, white-washed houses, and delicious food? 

 Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is increasingly popular on social media, and for a good reason. Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is a beautiful city that not only offers many activities, but is also just a stone's throw from Dublin. There is truly no excuse not to visit this year. On a holiday in Edinburgh I would start with a Harry Potter walking tour to explore the old town, wander through some quirky shops, go on a whiskey-tasting tour, or watch the sunset from Calton Hill. Once the sun goes down, there are many amenities to explore. Why not take a ghost tour through the tunnels under the city? After all, Edinburgh is considered one of the most haunted places in the world. Don’t forget to try delicacies such as haggis or a fried mars bar before you return.