Musical review: The Wedding Singer

Faced with a dark rainy night and the promise of some showtunes, the otwo editor and I trotted off to see the first offering from UCD’s Musical Society, The Wedding Singer.Based on the popular film of the same name, the musical charts the decline of wedding singer Robbie after his fiancée Linda leaves him at the altar, and the simultaneous wedding plans of his friend and waitress Julia.musical1UCD Musical Society has done an admirable job with this production. However, most credit must go to the excellent cast, who belt out their songs with considerable passion and vigour, particularly Fiona Lanigan in the role of Julia. Lanigan’s considerable vocal talents make it hard to believe that The Wedding Singer was her debut musical production.Directors Emily Carroll and Emily Leonard do great things in a space that considerably hampered last year’s production of Rent, using the Astra Hall stage extremely well, with actors not restrained or drowned out in any way. The chorus proved energetic and fun, but actors interacting with the audience ‘in character’ as they queued to enter Astra Hall proved a touch irritating.The acting highlight was definitely Robyn Sadlier, who played Robbie’s grandmother Rosie with a shockingly funny level of sexual innuendo and physical activity. Sophie Dobson and Eoghan McNeill’s warring lovers Holly and Sammy put forward a funny and convincing sexual chemistry, and Denis Grindel plays an excellent version of George, the Culture Club wannabe.The production ran into problems when the constant UV lights between scenes meant the outfits and makeup of the actors and crew were distractingly illuminated. However, the fun songs and otherwise good production values mean that The Wedding Singer paves the way and sets a high standard for next semester’s Community Musical Footloose to match.This article has been amended to correct the name of one of the actors' names. We apologise for the inconvenience.