Music: Write Like Apes

In between gigs and slurping down Solpadine, Fight Like Apes’ Pockets takes a trip to the cinema where they encounter the Devil, Anthony Hopkins…and a horse named PaulSo we went to our first movie premiere on Sunday. A real showbiz affair. Lorraine Keane, Brian O’Driscoll, loads of people from Drogheda and us, Fight Like Apes. Jolly green giant I was excited.The movie in question was The Rite, a real think piece directed by luminary filmmaker Michael Håfström, the mastermind behind 2004’s Drowning Ghost and 2005’s Derailed, the latter possibly being a metaphor for his floundering film career.In one blistering scene of cinematic glory, Anto Hopkins, who towards the end of the movie has decided to hedge his bets and transform into Hannibal Lector, is being questioned by some actor from Drogheda.[Re-enactment]“Speak Demon speak,” says the young man from Drogheda.“No,” replies Hannibal Lector.(Anto has at this point become the devil for some unbeknownst reason that I cannot for the life of me understand).“Tell me your name Anthony Hopkins,” says the young man from Drogheda.“I will not tell you my name, Clarice!” says Anto to the young man from Drogheda.“Pleeeeeease,” the young man from Drogheda pleads. “I am a very believable priest; now tell me your name.”With that, Anto Hopkins lets out a scream. The word is familiar, but for some reason malicious. What a scream I’m thinking, the raw emotion, the power, the vulnerability, the complexity of character.At this point I’m in love with this movie, I’m sharpening my pencil, getting ready to mark it down as a classic, practicing how to draw stars so I can give it five in a row. Anthony Hopkins is a revelation, a genius, a thespian, a master of his craft, a legend.That is until our drummer Lee Boylan turns to me and says “here man, I never knew the devil’s name was Paul”.There was also a scene involving the Devil being a horse for some reason.After the movie we went to the after-party. There was free gargle and the young movie star from Drogheda was playing with his band.Have you ever heard Maniac 2000 being blended into Billie Jean so seamlessly it seems like the same song? I have. If Hollywood doesn’t accept Colin O’Donaghue on the basis of his sheer acting ability, then that little trick might just seal the deal for him.I bet Colin Farrell is shitting himself.Fight Like Apes’ new single ‘Jenny Kelly’ is out now, and is available from all usual download sites.