Music: Write Like Apes

This fortnight, May Kay discusses touring, filming, and their continuing obsession with SolpadineWE’RE GOING ON TOUR AGAIN! Thank the Gods. It’s been so long. It’s been awful. It’s been boring. My sleeping pattern has gone back to normal and everything. Disaster.We’re releasing the second record in the UK in a couple months. I miss the taste of 3am Ginster’s slices in my dehydrated mouth. I miss waking up on the floor of the van beside some dried in beans. I miss waking up in the middle of the night to wild jungle noises that turn out to be the collective snores of four drunken men. It’s very interesting stuff, I’ll record it for you sometime.There are a few things to do before we leave. The van door is falling off and our bums keep getting sore, because there are metal things rising from the depths of the seats. Also, Lee is pretty high maintenance so we have to remove an entire row of seats in favour of a clothes rail (he has some weird fear of creases). He totally goes into a meltdown. On the up side, the UK haven’t gone all tyrannical on us about our beloved Solpadine, so we can look forward to fog free heads the morning after gigs thanks to our fizzy friends.Hopefully, we’re going to do some gigs around Ireland before we leave so we’re getting some new merch together beforehand. Hands up who’s never imagined having figurines of themselves?Thought so. You all have!It has to be possible. The only question I’d have on them is whether or not you’re obliged to stick to your actual body proportions when designing them, because I just don’t see the point in that case. Do you not just usually get your own head on a Barbie body and that’s literally it? No ‘actual proportions’ stuff please.Another thing to take care of before we leave is a video for the first single ‘Jenny Kelly’. If any of you budding filmmakers are out there looking for a project, make up an easy €0 budget video for us. We’d love it if you did. I’m unimaginably good at setting tables, but I’m beginning to think that’s where my extreme creativity ends, so I need your help.Tip: If anyone’s looking for a money-making scheme, how about making an enormous batch of reinforced cable ties. The election candidates all seem to have gotten a raw deal from wherever they got theirs. The streets are paved in posters.