Music: Songs to emigrate to

With his suitcase packed and a plane ticket to New Zealand in his pocket, Joe Munnelly gives us his soundtrack for leaving the country…if he was leaving the country ‘So Long, Farewell’ – Sound of MusicPersonally, I hate musicals, but you have to admit this classic has some catchy tunes that still have thousands lining up to pack the theatre. This song will have you leaving over-dramatically and, if you’re lucky, with maybe a tear or two. ‘Goodbye My Lover’ – James BluntSelf-explanatory, but this song, although torturously lovey-dovey will see fit that your one true love leaves knowing how devastated you will be after they’re gone. Whether this devastation is from their leaving or being subjected to this song is open to debate. ‘Goodbye’ – Mary Hopkins I don’t know who she is either but ‘Goodbye’ was written by Paul McCartney and was released in March 1969. The Beatles never officially released it, but Mary made it No 2 in the UK singles chart. I can imagine it now – the blond bombshell waving as you weep with all dignity lost, screaming for her to come back – ah, fatal love. ‘Goodbye’ – Ke$haThis one will surprise you – you can actually hear her real voice. Well, at least I think so. Without the auto-tune, the bass and beat Ke$ha actually sings. It’s not my cup of tea, but at least she’s not brushing her teeth with a bottle of Jack in this one. ‘Highway to Hell’ – AC/DCReleased in July 1979, ‘Highway to Hell’ was AC/DC’s fifth international studio album and the title track is an awesome tune, which will have you accelerating right outta here.‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ – John DenverOriginally written by Denver, ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ was made a hit in 1969 when Peter, Paul and Mary released it as a single. Understandably cringeworthy, but a must when you’re taking off to pastures new. ‘Land Down Under’ – Men at workI seriously doubt you haven’t heard this song. Released in 1981 on the debut album Business as Usual, the song ‘Down Under’ went No 1 in both the American, British and Australian charts. For anyone heading to the land down under, you won’t be the only one, I can assure you. ‘On My Way’ – Disney’s ‘Brother Bear’Written by Phil Collins, ‘On My Way’ was released in 2003 as a soundtrack for the Disney animation ‘Brother Bear’. As it’s a Disney song, it’s an upbeat tune that’s perfect for the journey that lies ahead – did I mention it was from Disney?‘Goodbye’ – Spice GirlsPlease don’t pretend you don’t know the song, it’s easier that way.“Take Me Home, Country Roads’John DenverDedicated to West Virginia, ‘Country Roads’ was released in 1971 and is one of Denver’s most popular and well-known songs. I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard it and trust me, you won’t resist singing along. ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ – UnknownThe only song that offers you step-by-step instructions for travelling  – step one: have a boat, step two: row the boat, step three: go down the stream and step four: try to be happy about it. Let’s face it; plane tickets are expensive when you’re on a tight budget.