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Music: Shuffle – Songs from Movies

As Oscar season approaches, Sophie Lioe selects some of the most memorable moments in movie soundtrack history

‘Twist and Shout’ – The Beatles (from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)

This is your chance to relive (or pretend to relive) the 80s. It will never fail to get you up dancing on the table wishing you were as cool as Ferris.  You are not as cool as Ferris.

‘You Got a Friend in Me’ – Randy Newman (from Toy Story)

This song can bring a tear to the eye of even the most cold-hearted cynics. We all hark back to days of watching Toy Story on repeat and waiting for our toys to come to life…no such luck.

‘The Bare Necessities’ – Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman (from the Jungle Book)

You can never have enough Disney songs. We probably started to perfect those dance moves that we’ve worked so hard on, listening to this impossibly catchy classic.

‘(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life’ – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes (from Dirty Dancing)

You certainly swayed to this at your first school disco, and whilst it may have been a bit naff, at least the Black Eyed Peas hadn’t mangled it. Its cheesiness should’ve been left untouched.

‘Anyone Else But You’ – The Mouldy Peaches (from Juno)

This laidback ditty provided the perfect ending to one of 2007’s finest films and the soundtrack was one of the best in recent years – easy listening and romantic, without being sickly sweet – kudos to Juno.

‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ – Jennifer Hudson (from Dreamgirls)

Watching Jennifer Hudson belt this out in Dreamgirls simultaneously left audiences’ jaws on the floor and the general public dismayed that she didn’t win American Idol. This powerful number is never far from our ears as a prominent X Factor audition song, though nobody has come close to recapturing the magic of Hudson’s rendition. Sorry, Beyoncé who?

‘Independent Woman’ – Destiny’s Child (from Charlie’s Angels)

Oh, that Beyoncé.  This one’s for girls only and serves as the mantra for any ambitious ladies hoping to navigate the tricky world of ludicrously attractive secret agents.

‘Send Me on My Way’ – Rusted Root (from Matilda)

Eggs, milk, flour, and Matilda Soundtrack: all the ingredients needed to make delicious pancakes.

‘Diamonds are Forever’ – Shirley Bassey (from Diamonds are Forever)

This is one of the most iconic songs on this list, by one of the most incredible, distinctive voices in the business – definitely the best Bond song of them all.

‘Grease Lightning’ – John Travolta (from Grease)

Always the song played at the end of the night when everyone’s drunk enough to do the accompanying dance moves. Pelvic thrusts, wild arm actions and all…

‘Harry Potter Theme Song’ – John Williams (from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone)

Not exactly one you can sing along to, but the films just wouldn’t be the same without it playing as we zoom in on Hogwarts, waiting for the magic to begin.