Music: Setting the scene


The Shower Scene’s Gareth O’Connor chats with Sophie Lioe about busking competitions and supporting Fall Out Boy


“We’re not the most alternative band in the world, so some people might not be into us,” admits Gareth O’Connor of The Shower Scene. Not the usual conclusion given by the lead vocalist of a successful pop-punk band who have already shared the stage with the likes of Paramore and Fall Out Boy, as well as supporting Elliot Minor on a recent UK tour.

Modesty and self-deprecation are undoubtedly rarities in the world of music, to the point where o-two had to make sure his words weren’t of a sarcastic nature. The Shower Scene, made up of four band members: Eoghan Handley, Gareth O’Connor, Michael O’Brien and Alan Doyle got their break after supporting Steer Clear in the Academy, with whom they still remain close friends with for “giving us our biggest show at that stage”.

Soon enough, the band were being declared winners of the 2008 LA or Busk competition, which O’Connor simply describes as “great craic”. O’Connor still sounds surprised that the judges chose them, despite the fact that they were the kind of band “that judges would have seen before,” since they all tend to work at music magazines and “like bands like the Coronas”.

But there they were, living it up in LA for a week, which was “pretty cool,” according to O’Connor. Having only formed in 2007, it would be safe to change “pretty” to “very”.

On the subject of travelling, the band ultimately aim to conquer the world, but their current expectations remain realistic: “We’d love to play anywhere else, but we’ve only been invited to these places,” he says, referring to the standard Irish shows of Dublin, Belfast and Cork. However, having recently completed their own UK tour, it’s clear it won’t be long before The Shower Scene has bands battling to support them. And in relation to touring, O’Connor adds: “We’d love to play shows constantly because that’s our favourite part.”

Therefore, if you like bands such as Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy, as well as You, Me and Everyone We Know, the American band which O’Connor cites as a huge inspiration, then The Shower Scene are well worth a listen.

The Shower Scene play the Academy on December 4th.