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Not being the only guitarist called Rory Gallagher from Donegal leaves a lot to live up to for the former front man of the Revs, writes Reidin Vaughan.Having finished with the Revs in 2006, Gallagher thought he had left his music career, and indeed his debt, behind. That was, of course, before he bumped into a fan at a gig which he was playing in Spain.“It was just one of those lucky things.” He explains about the offer of 20 grand, which started up his independent record label. “He was a music fan and, well, we had six pints of Guinness, so maybe he didn’t mean what he said!”However, he’s taking a more relaxed approach to his music career this time around, leaving all worries about chart positions behind. Gallagher’s philosophical move came from an interesting source as he muses, “I was chatting to a guy in a bar once and he made a really good point, Vincent van Gogh never realised he’d made it.”It was with this new attitude to the music industry that Gallagher discovered his unique selling point amidst the flood of Irish singer/songwriters who have clogged up the gig circuit. He combined his musical talents to play all of the instruments on the album (bar one), to create a ‘band’ sound.“I’m not very good at [one vocal and acoustic guitar]. I’m just more into band sounds. When I was writing, I was just hearing more drums and bass guitars,” Gallagher clarifies.Going the ‘indie’ route appears to be working out for Gallagher. However, the prevailing question that haunts this album is whether or not it could have been improved with the help of a producer.Gallagher affirms these fears by saying, “I was just in the studio having fun and I just lost track of the fact that this was going to be released to the public and worse, the critics.”However, he needn’t have worried as God Bless the Big Bang has been getting positive reviews over the radio and Hot Press has also spoken favorably on the little album that could.But before he can get down to some serious promotion and gigging, Gallagher will be running the New York City marathon, although he has never run more than ten miles before. “I wanted to be not bored and not drink all the time.”Laughing off this impetuous decision, Gallagher comments, “[The training] is going fine, I’m only having about two pints a night and about ten cigarettes… that’s bad, isn’t it?”Perhaps the feckless front man would be best advised not to give up his day job.