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Planet Parade vocalist Michael Hopkins chats with Laura Hyson about their head-bopping music, changing their sound, and their musical resemblance to the Police

Planet Parade have made an impressive start to their career by securing openers with bands such as Hockey and Passion Pit. The band hails from Clane and consists of Ronan Kilduff, Andrew Lloyd and singer/guitarist Michael Hopkins.

According to Hopkins, for those who don’t know much about Planet Parade, their music can best be described as “energetic and kind of melodic. It’s still kind of alternative indie rock music, but it is more dance based than rock based.”

In comparison to other bands, Hopkins says: “We seem to get compared a lot to the Police and bands like that, the Jam [too]. But we do get the Police reference an awful lot which is a good and a bad thing, because we really like the Police, but we are getting a bit sick of hearing that we sound like them.”

Hopkins adds that the live shows are where they really stand out: “We like to be able to have a real kind of energetic live show where people start to dance. We’d rather have people dance than just stand and look. You can expect a very energetic, loud, dancey kind of groove [that’s] very African rhythm-based, so designed for dancing and head bopping.”

He continues: “We have been playing with this band for two years and we recently just swapped instruments.” In explanation of the change, besides the purpose to “fill the void out from under the stage”, Hopkins says that the development of their sound was “for everything – the purpose of a new sound and the visual of the band and the personality of the band, all aspects of it really. We have just been really busy since we did that, so it has proven to be the right decision I suppose.”

And where did the name Planet Parade come from? “We are all a bit nerdy, kind of spacey scientisty type people, so I had just seen the phrase ‘planet parade’ on some NASA website, which is when all the planets line up perfectly in sync together, so we just thought it sounded cool and we like planets and space and stuff, [so] we decided to go with it.”

For the future, Hopkins is excited, because “we got invited to play at the FMC Tour and Delorentos asked us to go on their national tour with them”. As for next year, Planet Parade are rolling their sleeves up to get stuck into their debut album.

Planet Parade’s second EP Zulu Sound is out now.