Dublin band Fight Like Apes discuss Facebook and festival food with Alison Lee.


Thunderbirds seem to be well and truly go for Dublin band, Fight Like Apes. After a summer of non-stop festival gigging, not to mention a UK tour, the band are finally ready to release their album to the public.

While discussing their grand tour, Maykay (vocals, synth) and Jamie, aka ‘Pockets’ (synth) veer onto the topic of their first album- Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion, to be released on September 26th.

“We wanted to build up a significant amount of interest before we released the album”, says Jamie. “There’s a lot of bands that throw out an album… and nobody’s ready to hear it yet.”

It seems Fight Like Apes won’t have this problem. Formed in 2006, the foursome have released three EPs and commandeered an impressive fanbase along the way. Fight Like Apes definitely have a distinctive sound, their very own brand of happy, angry, energetic pop-punk, bubbling over with static, synth and completely mental lyrics.

“Why else would you spend hours in a van, then go to a Travel Lodge, then spend hours at a gig if you didn’t love it?” – Maykay

It was this freshness that earned Fight Like Apes two Meteor Music awards nominations in 2008. Fans have already snapped up tickets for their sold-out album launch in Whelan’s. “I don’t think we expected to sell out that quickly, it’s great to know because we’ve got a really good show planned. Its nice to know that people were actually waiting for it to come on sale”, says Maykay.

The album will feature signature songs from past EP’s like ‘Lend Me Your Face’, and ‘Do You Karate’ along with brand-spanking-new tracks. It’s clear Fight Like Apes put a lot of work into making this record. “An album is a big deal, especially a first album” says Maykay earnestly. “The art of making an album is nearly gone” according to Jamie. “We wanted to make sure we had the twelve perfect songs”.

Their previous recordings “never sounded like the kick in the face we wanted them to,” he adds. “More like a polite prod.” Thus the band re-recorded new their EP hits for the album. Fans should anticipate a more intense, turbo-charged version of the original recordings.“If we played them faster then they are on the album, they’ll just be a muddle of noise!” laughs Maykay.

Cynics will wonder if Fight Like Apes are just another in a long line of “hotly-tipped next big things” that inevitably soon fade off the musical radar.

NME have already named them their pick of the week, and included them in their lists of 15 New Bands You Have To See and 10 Hopes For The Near Future. How do such rave reviews make the band feel? “They please us,” Jamie simply says. “If anyone wants to call us anything good we’re happy, if anyone wants to call us anything bad we’re happy, so long as people want to call us something!”

Of all bands currently on the rise, Fight Like Apes have a certain distinctive originality. The band talk about their drive, their passion and enthusiasm which means that they’ll work non-stop even if they never achieve mainstream success – simply because they love what they do.

“Why else would you spend hours in a van, then go to a Travel Lodge, then spend hours at a gig if you didn’t love it?” asks Maykay. So then there is truth to the Shakespearan expression, “The labour we delight in physics pain.”

Some freshers may have caught them at the Fresher’s Ball on Monday September 8th. But for those that didn’t make it, Fight Like Apes will play a free gig in the Student Bar on October 16th.