Music | Iglu and Hartly - Pineapple Express

With a curious name and an aversion of third level education, Iglu and Hartly are ready to take on the world, writes Kate Rothwell.Iglu and Hartly are not, as their name might suggest, a quirky indie duo. They are in fact a five piece LA favourite who have been branded with various buzz words from new wave to hip hop, a process which frontman Jarvis Anderson is more than a little tired of; “Well it just doesn’t make sense, it’s like ‘who gives a crap?’… ‘what genre are you?’ – I don’t care!’ Listen to my music, you like it? Cool.”Media attention is something which Anderson claims not to read too far in to; accepting the praise and dismissing negative reviews, such as that of NME. “The last I heard they didn’t like our record at all… whatever”, Anderson comments.A poor review is of little concern to the band, whose single ‘In This City’ was a top five hit in the UK. They also performed said single on the BBC’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, which according to Anderson involved “a lot of hanging out” backstage with stars such as Ben Stiller, “who is someone that we all admire”.Communication with their fan base is of greater importance to the band than media acceptance, and with widgets and appearances of online shows on Bebo they are certainly reaching out to a large audience.This sort of Internet presence is more than the usual MySpace page, and is something that the band describe as “a direct line of communication that’s really special.”European fans of the band who have been following their progress online may soon see them perform live, as having already played over 200 shows in LA, the UK and rest of Europe are next on the Iglu and Hartly hitlist. Anderson feels that he and his musical comrades have a universal appeal and wants “everyone to be able to experience… our community”.Stepping away from their global status and back to their roots, three of the band were originally studying in Colerado, but decided to drop out of university and move to LA, a decision which Anderson has no regrets about.“It was a good move, we were all fed up with school and we just wanted to pursue what we wanted. Whatever makes you happy, you’ve got to follow your heart.”Romantic notions aside, what degree was it that pushed him to try a career in music instead? Quinn School readers look away now… “I was a marketing major and ended up being like ‘why are you here doing this, with all this marketing crap, you’re just manipulating people.” Not that Arts is recommend by the band either, Anderson’s fellow former students and current band members were studying “English, y’know history… stuff like that” before their drastic career change.They may not have a degree between them, but one thing that Iglu and Hartly certainly do have is an unusual name, which it transpires, has a nautical history. Iglu and Hartly “was a ship that sailed from England to Hawaii that was going to collect pineapples but ended up bringing back cinnamon. And cinnamon was worth more, and it was like a metaphor for how we came together because we didn’t even query about being a band, we’re just buddies. And everyone likes cinnamon better than pineapples.” One guess what’s on their back-stage rider then- let’s hope it’s plain sailing ahead.