Music | CD Review: Razorlight - Slipway Fires

After daringly over-hyping their new album in a dozen interviews, Razorlight have finally released Slipway Fires, hoping to boost their popularity to new heights.Unfortunately, Slipway Fires does not live up to Johnny Borrell’s far from modest claims of it sounding“incredible”. The album has the retro feel of a greatest hits record, as tracks like pop pleaser ‘Burberry Blue Eyes’ seem to hail from a different generation than their festival anthems, such as ‘Blood For Wild Blood’.The album opens in a dull mood with Borrell’s attempt at a ballad; new single ‘Wire to Wire’. Most of the tracks follow the same format of the single; a slow vocal intro that picks up for a more energetic chorus before finishing off with a slow outro.Razorlight’s typical rhythm tracks strike back with ‘Hostage of Love’ and ‘You and the Rest’. These songs, coupled with a U2-like intro to ‘Tabloid Lover’, get the album back on course after a shaky start.The standout track is the heavy rock anthem ‘Stinger’, which is a breath of fresh air for the indie foursome. Sadly the album ends as drearily as it started with ‘The House’, as the band let their rhythm slip once more.It might be a hard album to criticise, but Slipway Fires does nothing to further Razorlight’s credibility.In a Nutshell: Sticks to the same standard as the band’s previous albums, but worth a listen.Rating: B-Killian Woods