Music | CD Review: Ne-Yo - The Year of the Gentleman

Artist: Ne-YoAlbum: The Year of the GentlemanRating: B-Ne-Yo, in contrast to the ususal bombast and misogyny of stereotypical hip-hop, has created Year of the Gentleman which, as the title would suggest, harks back to an era of manners and class.The Year of the Gentleman flows smoothly, filled with open-hearted love songs infused with classic hip-hop beats.The leading single, ‘Miss Independent’ combines urban sounds with smooth vocals, a guaranteed dance-floor hit.‘Closer’ melts accoustic guitar with an energetic base, and a contemporary seranade from an old-fashioned artist. ‘Single’, is another stand-out track, and could possibly be the best club hit this year.In a change of pace, ‘So you can cry’ is a softer affair, which actually verges on the edge of sleezy. This is quite indicative of the album as a whole. While the beats are catchy, they are often suffocated with the high-pitched singing of Ne-Yo, which gets slighty repetitive after a few listens. It also sounds quite dated, sounding like something from Top of the Pops in the nineties.That said, the The Year of the Gentleman, with it sauvity, will undoubtedly be popular among fans.In a Nutshell: If you weren’t a fan already, you will be once you’ve heard this latest offering from the R&B world.Wendy Hodgins