Music | CD Review: Mercury Rev – Snowflake Midnight


Artist: Mercury Rev
Album: Snowflake Midnight
Rating: A

New York music veterans, Mercury Rev, are too eclectic to pigeonhole into one genre but they are primarily a ‘pop’ group in the loosest sense of the term.


Snowflake Midnight showcases the band’s entire bag of tricks as they take us on a pop journey, which is part psychedelic, electronic, ambient, experimental and rock.

Opening track ‘Snowflake in a Hot World’ sees lead-singer, Jonathan Donahue, introduce the album perfectly as he sings “snowflake in a hot world… don’t let them tell you, they’re all the same”. This is a clear and obvious cry for individuality if there was one. It is a welcome respite from the music dominating today’s charts.

Second track ‘Butterfly’s Wing’ is beautifully entrancing. Echoing piano chords come in at the exact right time and take the song to a new level.

‘Senses On Fire’ will instantly bring a smile to your face. Despite its repetitive lyrics, it is musically ornate and is a stand out track.

Mercury Rev have created a very rich album which reveals more of itself with each listen, however, it all feels similar to what the band have done before.

In a Nutshell: Similar to and nearly as good as The Flaming Lips. Nearly.

Vincent O’Boyle