Music | CD Review: Max Tundra - Parallax Error Beheads You

Parallax Error Beheads You is the third album from electro aficionado, Max Tundra. The multi-instrumentalist’s latest record is a compelling exercise in complex pop and electro lunacy and consists of ten frantic anti-pop tunes.At times, the barrage of different instruments that the listener is subjected to can become overbearing,but ultimately it is an uplifting and well-constructed record by one of the most innovative artists in popular electronic music.Never one to be tied to convention, caution is immediately and enthusiastically thrown to the wind. From the outset it is clear that accessible and straightforward pop songs are not the intention of the composer.The opening track ‘Gum Chimes’, is about as close as Max Tundra strays towards mainstream before delving into his chaotic brand of far-out electro pop.The highpoints are ‘Orphaned’ and ‘Until We Die’, which display lyrical wit and uncanny mixing ability. ‘Until We Die’ in particular, plays host to a comical amount of instruments and is an exceptional ending to what is an extremely good album.Parallax Error Beheads You is just like getting hugged by a large person in the depths of winter. It’s a bit weird, and at times even unpleasant, but overall is a warm and enjoyable experience.Max Tundra’s latest offering is quirky without being annoying, complex or boring – quite possibly a contender for electro album of the year.In a Nutshell: Fast, frantic and very good fun, an oddness you’ll enjoyRating: AKevin Boyle