Artist: Kaiser Chiefs
Album: Off With Their Heads
Rating: A-

It has been only eighteen months since the Kaiser Chiefs’ last album Yours Truly, Angry Mob, and coming back so soon with Off With Their Heads, produced by Mark Ronson, raises speculative questions of whether this album is merely a sequel to the last.


Beginning with ‘Spanish Metal’, a mixture of the Kaisers’ signature sound with heavy guitars and the band’s distinctive lyrical rhyming rhythm, the album offers initial promise.

Off With Their Heads is a fusion of sounds. ‘Good Days Bad Days’ is an exuberant mix of classic disco and rock, the synths interwoven with pounding beats.

The best thing that can be said about the Kaiser Chiefs is that their sound is instantly recognisable. Comparisons can be made, but not all too easily.

The album shines brightly on tracks such as the bombastic ‘You Want History’ and current single ‘Can’t Say What I Mean’. Ricky Wilson’s vocals indicate that he’s having as much fun as the energetic songs aim to invoke in their listeners.

However, Off With Their Heads, while mainly constituting a spirited effort, slouches on occasion with the more stripped down tracks, such as ‘Tomato in the Rain’ sounding a tad lacklustre. It is misplaced among songs that cry out for festivals including ‘Never Miss a Beat’, while the same can be said for gentle track ‘Remember You’re a Girl’.

However, Off With Their Heads is undoubtedly a solid effort. No track tries to be a carbon copy of the next and while it is not going to be remembered in music history, tracks like ‘Half the Truth’ and ‘Good Days Bad Days’ are promises that the Kaiser Chiefs’ formula is as effective as ever.

In a Nutshell: Fun, energetic rock… at least most of the time.

Seán McGovern