Artist: Iglu and Hartly
Album: And the Boom
Rating: D

Like a sudden summer breeze, Iglu and Hartly have whooshed on to the music scene, blending electronica with hip-hop and throwing a dash of pop into the mixture. One can’t help but be hooked on the promisingly catchy opening tracks such as ‘Believe’ and ‘Tomorrow’.

These tracks are a promising start to a debut album, yet the cringe worthy rapping that continues
throughout the record only leads to disappointment.

The listener is banged over the head with many a nod to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but sadly Iglu and Hartly just don’t live up to their apparent idols, and the terrifying reminder that late ninties wanna-be rap can and will return.

And the Boom doesn’t sound much like a unique record but more like a cash-in on the quirky, MTV2 generation- yet another vain attempt from a would-be ‘alternative’ band seeking some sort of mainstream success.

However, their musical merit and potential should not be dismissed altogether. The album’s popularity is testimony to their broad appeal. Perhaps if they replaced their vocalists with musicians showing more discernable talent, critical acclaim would not be far away.

The fact that the most interesting aspect of this album is its amusing front cover doesn’t bode well for the band. Unfortunately, with uninspiring singles like ‘In this City’ and ‘Violent and Young’ suggest the success of this band will be fleeting.

In a Nutshell: Bottled boredom, a non-novelty to be avoided.

Catherine Maguire