Music | CD Review: Anastasia - Heavy Rotation

Heavy Rotation is the fourth album to be inflicted upon the public in eight years, by the perpetual annoyance that is Anastacia. It is comprised of twelve uninspired and indistinguishable vomit-inducing pop songs.The American singer does at least appear to be in on her own joke. Track seven is called ‘Same Song’ though it probably ought to have been called ‘Same Song as the Previous Six’.Best known for her massive pop hits ‘I’m Outta Love’ and ‘One Day in Your life’, Anastacia has returned with a similar style but lacking even the mediocre quality of the above-mentioned tracks.On this record, she combines comically transparent sentimental lyrics with her characteristically rasping voice. There is no stand out track, but instead just a solid body of instantly forgettable and truly unremarkable pop waste.In terms of the positives, this album does at least give the listener a greater appreciation for good music and lyrical acuity. One track called ‘Absolutely Positively’ captures the inadequacy of this record. Here Anastacia sings ‘I’m absolutely positively certain that I’m not sure that I love you’. It is absolutely positively god-awful.Overall, Heavy Rotation is just another nothing album from a singer who uses her decent voice to cultivate stale, generic, love ballads. It goes no way towards increasing the status of Anastacia, or indeed justifying the singer’s existence in an already over-crowded pop marketplace, where the cream should rise to the top, rather than stagnating in its own staleness.In a Nutshell: It’s pants.Rating: FKevin Boyle