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Music: Campus Band Questionnaire – Humor

Oisin O Coigligh from Humor talks to O-two about their love of Pendulum, why they’re not a typical boyband and the salt in the Main Restaurant

Who are your members and what do they play?

Robert McAuley (bass/vocals), David Gallagher (drums/ambient sound), Oisin O Coigligh (guitar/occasional vocals).

Where did you get the inspiration for your name?

The answer to this is more cryptic than ten Da Vinci codes read by Stephen Fry on tape. Robert was walking in the woods one day and had an epiphany, that’s all I was bothered to ask him just there. The real genius behind it is that it’s the American spelling of humour, so we won’t have to worry about making it in the States. Let us not forget that the human eye has an aqueous and a vitreous humour. And only five words rhyme with Humor. The more you think about it, the less you give a shit.

Where do you gig?

Pretty much anywhere that will have us, The Twisted Pepper, Academy 2, Whelan’s or The Pint. Also sheds, birthdays and barbeques. We try not to let the fame go to our heads.

What do you play on your tour bus?

Supermarket sweep with Dale Winton and Castlevania 3D. Lyric FM has some good stuff, we like the classics.  We sometimes slap on Eiffel 65 and ‘Maniac 2000’ to get us ready for a rockin’ gig. We recently decided to scrap the bus in favour of something more environmentally friendly. Like some kind of Dutch solar-powered van that is powered by global warming. It’s on the way, but until then we’ll fumigate Dublin getting to whatever pub we’re playing at.

What’s the best thing about going to UCD?

UCD is like an elephant: big and ugly but lots of fun. The top floor of the science hub is pretty good for a bit of soul searching and lab reports. There can be some pretty class gigs in the Student Bar like the Wolftones and Director, although truthfully I was probably the only person at both. Occasionally we get a cool celebrity in such as Dave McSavage and the ultra-smooth Bill Clinton. Professor Pat Guiry and Dr Tommy Gallagher need a mention as well as two lecturers I would want on my side in a bar fight.

What’s the worst thing about going to UCD?

People constantly telling you to get involved. They forget that college is about going to lectures, and then drinking to forget those lectures. Not to mention negative marking, no plug sockets in the library and nowhere to get food after seven o’clock. Another thing, and I don’t think I’m alone here, the UCD restaurant making you pay for salt when it’s clearly a human right.

Which acts would you choose to headline your dream festival?

Pendulum, Deftones, Reuben. That would be beautiful, although frankly I don’t think there is one quiet song between the three of them.

Where would be your dream place to play?

Personally it’s a tie between Reading festival and Electric Picnic. A submarine would be interesting

How do you differ from other bands in UCD?

We’re not your typical boyband who talks about their feelings and thoughts in songs. We find that when you read enough of the back of DVD boxes, the songs come to you. And we don’t pay more than a tenner for our haircuts, clearly.

In conversation with Killian Woods.